Install the browser extension Tampermonkey

After Tampermonkey installed, you should see a new button on the browser navigate bar, like the image below. Go next if you have sew it.

Install Pxer

Make sure you have installed Tampermonkey, then click the button below for install Pxer

There is the result for install below


(Success! Click the "install" button for install)


(Fail, the browser open the source of Pxer. Maybe you haven't installed Tampermonkey correctly)


(Fail, the browser downloaded a file. Maybe you haven't installed Tampermonkey correctly)

All Done!

Pxer install successful! Let's try is now !

You will see the Pxer panel in pages of
Note that you saw button in Pxer only when the page is supported.

pxer ui

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